An Escapade

March is here. Days feel like milliseconds. We will wake up realizing that the school year end is near. Summer vibes, it is. Would you stay at home and get some paunch needs to be hidden? Or will you let me introduce to you my way of escaping the heat, and have some chill?

Philippines is known to have its beaches because it is composed of 7, 107 islands. There are lots of palm trees and a fresh air that can make you feel relaxed. So why not go on a trip to see the fascinating and clear waters of the area with the sand that is next to an ocean? I firmly believe that you will enjoy as well as when you do swimming, or some aquatic activities.First of all, experiencing summer vibes can boost your vim when you hear the waves of the ocean. Second, it can help you to have an active lifestyle when you engage in swimming. And lastly, you feel anew despite of remembering the final results of your examination. (On the latter, I am kidding aside! Lol.)

Talking about vacation, swimming is one of the most loved physical activities during the months of April and May. Not only you get to feel a chill, but you also have time to play with your family, relatives, and friends. Well, you can also meet new friends regardless of the fact that you did bump with him or her during the time of moving through the water by your arms and legs.I am sure, as clear as the river’s water, that it would be an exercise for you, especially for those who needs a water therapy like the people having disabilities like Scoliosis. To be honest, I am one of them. Moreover, I can say that it is really helpful when I don’t have time and enough money to get to the city’s hospital.

We really need to go outside of the box – our house – and be relaxed. We don’t need to be drowned in our thoughts roaming around our homes. Also, I am not saying this to be underwater and die. I am saying this for you to try, to have a break free, and to take care yourself when you swim.

Be tanned!



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