Journey to the Yinyang

Kring… Kring…

That was the sound of my alarm clock when I wake up for school during my elementary days. I can remember clearly how I did prepare for the first day of school. I was transparent that my classmates in my school can see how I was petrified to introduce myself

It was a sunny day back then. My mother told me to have a great day ahead. She even reminded me to do well in class. In my mind, I think she is the “Faye” of the past, and my grandmother was once her. Not going far, I can say that she is a well-round person. When I wake up from sleeping, I always see how she does her role as a mother and as a wife. Before I go to school, she is prepared for her work as part of the Human Resources (HR) Department at Planters Corporation.

Going back, it was also a sunny day when I encountered one of the people who made a difference in my life. Similarly, I can see her as my second mother. She is my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Josephine M. Peralta. Not only her, almost all of my mentors are great. They guide us – their students – who will be the hope of the future. Well, Mrs. Peralta, with my teachers, is like my mother. She is caring, thoughtful, and she lets us learn from the experiences we had.

However, it is not possible to see them alike. We all know, “Mother knows best.” But, it is only our mother who can really tell the things which are good for us. Unlike her, my teacher may only see how we do in class, how we behave, and how we interact. Frankly, it was my mother who told me the instances I have in school and at our home. She once asked me, “Are you really that quiet in school? You are given such compliments. Why inside our home… you are always loud?” I was stunned at the moment. I realized how such things happened.

Living a life, I understand to have a balance through the path I am taking. Both of them had taught me a lesson and made me realize who I am. They may be two different persons, but they are two of the chosen people behind of what I am today.

With these memories and experiences, I see the moon and stars shimmering in the night sky. I go to sleep.


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