Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Are you aware of things happening today? People are dying from hunger, wildlife and forests are disappearing, pollutions are everywhere, flash floods and tidal waves happened. These are the reasons why everyone is crying for help – Save Our Mother Earth!

It isn’t too late for us to do our share and help bring our Mother Nature to a condition that make a better place to live in. Let every one of us take the responsibility in taking care of it before it gets worst. But what do we need to stop these problems? What do our country need?

We, as a students and teachers, could help in so many ways. By just following the three easy steps would be a great contributions to our environment. First, make a habit to REDUCE the things we use every day. For instance, using paper wisely will help minimize the cutting of trees. Next, make a point to REUSE all the things that could be used as scratch paper or binding it together to create a new one. By doing this, we can help lessen our garbage problem. And lastly, make sure to RECYCLE things to conserve our resources. Plastic containers could be used as flower pots or anything that could be helpful to us.

See! These mean that when crisis comes, those who have the ability to take the responsibility, must act. There is no impossible in saving the environment, we just need to unite. Like in EDSA Revolution, we as Filipinos unite for betterment of the country and for the future of the young generations.

            We need unity in order to conquer hindrances that might come along our life’s journey. We may compare ourselves to a stick that can be broken easily when standing alone, but if we try to bind it all, surely, it will not break easily. Unity is what we need.


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