Was Is Present

I know a person who chose to sail in spite of her ship experiencing rough winds.

It is a must for her to learn new things by traveling. Without knowing, there is a thunderstorm which slowly wrecks her ship. She doesn’t know. She is enjoying every single second. Time came, she did go outside her room. She is devastated. She cried though there’s nothing she can do. It happened.

Months passed, everything is smooth. Then, the thunderstorm is like a mushroom popping out again. She is mad. Yet, she does not let it tear her ship again. She composes herself. She has confidence. But until now, her ship is like an inner voice telling her, “Though it was in the past, it will continue hurting you up to the present, stay strong.”


Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Are you aware of things happening today? People are dying from hunger, wildlife and forests are disappearing, pollutions are everywhere, flash floods and tidal waves happened. These are the reasons why everyone is crying for help – Save Our Mother Earth!

It isn’t too late for us to do our share and help bring our Mother Nature to a condition that make a better place to live in. Let every one of us take the responsibility in taking care of it before it gets worst. But what do we need to stop these problems? What do our country need?

We, as a students and teachers, could help in so many ways. By just following the three easy steps would be a great contributions to our environment. First, make a habit to REDUCE the things we use every day. For instance, using paper wisely will help minimize the cutting of trees. Next, make a point to REUSE all the things that could be used as scratch paper or binding it together to create a new one. By doing this, we can help lessen our garbage problem. And lastly, make sure to RECYCLE things to conserve our resources. Plastic containers could be used as flower pots or anything that could be helpful to us.

See! These mean that when crisis comes, those who have the ability to take the responsibility, must act. There is no impossible in saving the environment, we just need to unite. Like in EDSA Revolution, we as Filipinos unite for betterment of the country and for the future of the young generations.

            We need unity in order to conquer hindrances that might come along our life’s journey. We may compare ourselves to a stick that can be broken easily when standing alone, but if we try to bind it all, surely, it will not break easily. Unity is what we need.

Business Letter

Squire’s English Club
Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Dominican Avenue
Abucay, Bataan 2114


March 10, 2017


Dr. Raul Ramirez, Principal
Great Minds High School
#479 T.M. Kalaw St.,
Ermita, Manila 1000


Dear Dr. Ramirez:


A warm greetings!

I am a Grade 11 student at Letran-Bataan and currently the president of the Squire’s English Club. On behalf of our organization, I am writing this to invite you for the upcoming Literacy Day with the theme, “English: The Power of the 21st Century Learners” on the 7th day of August, 2017.

The said event will highlight the speech festival that will be happening at the Gymbahan of Letran-Bataan. Moreover, we believe that you have the ability to help us adjudge the winners of the activity. Hence, I am asking for your kind heart to be part of the Board of Judges.

Our event coordinator is Mr. Marlon Holgado. He can be reached at 614-0204. For further information, I can be contacted at 0901-234-5678. I look forward to meeting you.




Charleine Faye C. Cortez
Squire’s English Club

An Escapade

March is here. Days feel like milliseconds. We will wake up realizing that the school year end is near. Summer vibes, it is. Would you stay at home and get some paunch needs to be hidden? Or will you let me introduce to you my way of escaping the heat, and have some chill?

Philippines is known to have its beaches because it is composed of 7, 107 islands. There are lots of palm trees and a fresh air that can make you feel relaxed. So why not go on a trip to see the fascinating and clear waters of the area with the sand that is next to an ocean? I firmly believe that you will enjoy as well as when you do swimming, or some aquatic activities. Continue reading

Journey to the Yinyang

Kring… Kring…

That was the sound of my alarm clock when I wake up for school during my elementary days. I can remember clearly how I did prepare for the first day of school. I was transparent that my classmates in my school can see how I was petrified to introduce myself

It was a sunny day back then. My mother told me to have a great day ahead. She even reminded me to do well in class. In my mind, I think she is the “Faye” of the past, and my grandmother was once her. Not going far, I can say that she is a well-round person. When I wake up from sleeping, I always see how she does her role as a mother and as a wife. Before I go to school, she is prepared for her work as part of the Human Resources (HR) Department at Planters Corporation.

Going back, it was also a sunny day when I encountered one of the people who made a difference in my life. Similarly, I can see her as my second mother. She is my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Josephine M. Peralta. Not only her, almost all of my mentors are great. They guide us – their students – who will be the hope of the future. Well, Mrs. Peralta, with my teachers, is like my mother. She is caring, thoughtful, and she lets us learn from the experiences we had.

However, it is not possible to see them alike. We all know, “Mother knows best.” But, it is only our mother who can really tell the things which are good for us. Unlike her, my teacher may only see how we do in class, how we behave, and how we interact. Frankly, it was my mother who told me the instances I have in school and at our home. She once asked me, “Are you really that quiet in school? You are given such compliments. Why inside our home… you are always loud?” I was stunned at the moment. I realized how such things happened.

Living a life, I understand to have a balance through the path I am taking. Both of them had taught me a lesson and made me realize who I am. They may be two different persons, but they are two of the chosen people behind of what I am today.

With these memories and experiences, I see the moon and stars shimmering in the night sky. I go to sleep.

I Exist at Night

“I had a knife of expectations and a dagger of regrets.”

Eyes were open yet, I didn’t see brightness.I moved around the vicinity, but nobody noticed me. I tried to interact with somebody, and instead of getting a response, I got ignored. I was down. I was drowning with the storms behind. However, I analyzed everything. In connection, I started asking myself. Will I choose to stay being left behind, or am I going to move forward?

Have you ever experienced being hurt physically, emotionally, or in any aspect of life? That there was a point of giving up which come into your mind? As time passed by, I have seen how cruelty manages to encompass the whole world through the use of senses and language. With the differences we have, people tried to use these things as their powers over others.

Moreover, it was not easy to be discriminated. It is difficult to be bullied. Honestly, it was not part of my dream to encounter these things. But then, I realized it is the reality. I have a dream. I also have a goal. Well, aimless is quite not the term for me.

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